winter wedding

Yesterday I attended Katrina's wedding reception.

Crazy day leading up to the event. I felt so ill and was certain that I wouldn't be able to attend. When I finally made it out of bed and got in the shower, I realised there was no shampoo. This is where all those travel sizes and samples I collect came in handy ( Ami, if you are reading this, its not hoarding its saving for an emergency like this). I had bought a Whistles  dress in the sale a few weeks ago which was perfect for the occasion and had no plan B ( when it comes to dressing for an event, I don't believe in plan Bs, I feel it makes you lose focus). Well, as I was getting into my dress (hair and makeup done), the zipper broke! At this point I was already having doubts about going and this just made the situation worse. We tried everything but the damage was irreversible. So in the end I wore a fur gilet on top and no one could tell the difference. 

When I arrived at the reception, I went to the wrong wedding because the girl at the hotel's reception sent me upstairs instead of down. I couldn't recognise anyone, my name wasn't on any of the tables and the bride looked unfamiliar. After a good 10mins, I asked one of the other guest's who the bride and the groom were and he confirmed that, yes, I was in fact at the wrong wedding.

When I finally made it there, I was so glad I attended because the event was beautiful and the bride's dress was definitely the highlight. My iPhone camera doesn't do the embroidery on the lace any justice. Only managed to get a few photos on my iPhone.

Congratulations to Kat and Ian. Wishing you both a life time of health and happiness together.

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