umm so you know very little french

This thought constantly ran through my head as the staff on the Eurostar were serving a meal and asking very simple questions. As they asked 'would you like some more coffee?' or 'any milk with that?' I had a very blank impression on my face. I visit France at least twice a year and I studied French for 10 years at school, so where is it all gone? Has it been replaced by human anatomy or pathology? Because its very tragic if it has….

Now I am making it a personal goal to interact more in French and not be an obnoxious tourist. It's in my brain somewhere, I just need to dig a little deeper.


winter chill

Today was the first day of the season where I felt very cold despite the layers and also the first day in a long time where I feel that I overdid with the food ( christmas day doesn't count). Gonna have to go back to the health crunch from tomorrow. Also still considering going away for New Years but where? I think it's too late to escape to the sun. I do this every year. I always say I will escape to the sun but that never happens. Next year I need to plan this in ahead. Hopefully this time next year I will be posting from some paradise island somewhere and the sunset will be like this. 

Back to work tomorrow and dreading it. The last two days flew by and I feel I need a couple more days to just sleep. Let's see what the morning brings...




I have major Sunday night syndrome. This happens almost every Sunday and I can't get to sleep. I guess if I look at the bright side it means I had a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. It just means that makes for a terribly tiring Monday.

Right now I am stuck in a youtube loop and watching music videos from the nineties, which happens to be my favourite decade. I will take anything from the 90's, it leaves me with such a warming feeling of nostalgia. I should be sleeping. I need to stop drinking tea on Sunday. Going to stop caffeine on Sunday from next week.


gym sores

Today my body is sore like it was many years ago when I had my first workout session. I remember my friend telling me that it was good because I was burning ( and therefore toning/ loosing weight). Started a new gym routine a few days ago because really want to shake things up next year and my body is sore after a long time. I am either burning or have serious injuries from using the TRX….



This time of the year always makes me so reflective.

San Diego May 2013


long drives

I love a good long drive usually in the middle of the night especially on a clear night like tonight. No picture can ever do justice to the moon light creeping through the car window tonight. A good drive alone with the music really does wonders to the mood, for me anyway. Major contrast to my usual sentiment during the day with others vehicles present. 



Wrapping this Christmas present for my secret santa was literally the best part about today


winter sun

A little sunshine never hurt nobody….


getting back into shape

Guess who is back at the gym?


Great Sundays are made of long walks, lots of home cooked meals and long naps. Yesterday was exactly that.



Laziness takes a new form in me on the weekends, wherein I refuse to leave the house sometimes doing absloutely nothing. I used to be a regular gym goer on saturdays and sundays. I have no idea what is going on. My mind is blocked with God knows what and I can't get anything done.

However, I have decided to turn this around today and I am hoping to do some yoga in the morning, go for a walk, clear out all the recycling boxes that seem to have made a peramant residence in my car, and make a trip to the post office and generaly clear the place out a little before getting ready for the work christmas party tonight! Lets see how this pans out. Fingers crossed.

a little resolution

I have decided to write more everyday even if its one sentence...