This time of the year always makes me so reflective.

San Diego May 2013
I like to look back at the year and reminisce on the highs and lows. Since this was the last full work week, we all gathered around the table at and talked about our year, what we loved and what we would like to leave behind in 2013. I am shocked at how easy it was for me to open up and talk about my feelings to people who were just strangers six months ago. I am very lucky to work with all the lovely ladies at my work. I will definitely miss them when I finish in March. It so bitter sweet because I really love my job right now but my ambition gets in the way just staying here. My mind can't let go of the Global Health/ World Food Program dream and a masters in NYC… We'll see what the next year brings. I can feel 2014 being the year of change.

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