last weekend

Last weekend we took a trip to Paris for the weekend. We stayed a night in London at the amazing St Pancras Renaissance hotel.

Paris is magical. I think my fascination with the city increases each time I visit. The trip was a great way to break the rut that my life was in the past few weeks. It rained non stop the entire time we were there and I a felt a little sick so not a great selection of pictures...


# throwbackthursday

Prague 2009*
I really enjoyed the trip to Prague in 2009. The phrase 'its not the destination but the journey that matters the most' defined that trip. I feel really lucky to have the three ladies above to share this journey with. Most memorable moments include:

Our train getting delayed to Budapest from Pecs.

The guest we had to share our hostel in Budapest with.

Running to catch the train from Budapest to Prague and almost missing it because the platform information was incorrectly displayed.

Trying to have a night on the town. Only to walk the whole city and ending back at our apartment.

Getting locked out of our apartment on a Sunday.

Almost getting arrested on our way to the palace.

Despite all the misfortunes we experienced, I still think it was one of favorites. 

*sorry guys tried my best to remove the red eye


new york photo diary

My sister and I took a trip to New York city in the summer. Our time was spent doing both, playing tourist and pretending like we lived there. Something about New York makes it seem like home away from home, no other place in the world gives me this magical feeling.

We stayed at Soho Grand. I ususally  judge a hotel by comfort of its beds and the bathroom and Soho Grand gets 10/10 for both.  I can honestly say that our stay was amazing, from the service to the food, everything was perfection. I have promised myself that I will stay there when ever I am in the city.

I'll stop rambling and let the pictures do the talking

The breakfast at Soho Grand was seriously the best I have ever had!

NYC can't wait to visit you again...