gentle words are more effective than one harsh word.

I know its just fortune out of a cookie from a Thai place but I do have the tendency to be harsh. So going to try and be more kind with my words from now on.

In other news yesterday was one of the most productive and fun day I have had in a while. Ticked everything off the to do list. Although the day started with a mini panic attack at the recycling centre involving reverse parking. But I quickly got over that when I got rid of years of junk I was lugging around since Hungary. It was a liberating experiencing.

Had tea at my favourite  only spot in town with my sister and did some Christmas shopping. Their malteser cake is so delicious.

Oh and Thai Gardens did have great foods like everyone said it did. I have heard great things about this place for years now. It won't win any culinary awards but it was definately better than your average local Thai places.  It was a great night.

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