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Ever have one of those talk which really puts life into perspective? I had one of those conversations with a patient today. We get so stuck in our little bubble that we forget the bigger picture. I do this so often. I am always complaining about things that are of no significance while there are others who struggling just to keep alive for a few more hours. Sometimes I feel that I look for things to complain about just so I have something to do. I will just have to remind myself a little harder that 'don't fret the small stuff' life is just too short.

Also have to keep reminding myself that I only get one life and I really should at least attempt to do all the things I have always wanted to do. In the end if things are meant to be they will work out and lead to bigger opportunities or you will walk away with an experience/story to tell.

On the subject of story telling and having conversation with patients; some of my favourite patients are old people ( the 75 and above age group). They are living storybooks. Some of them have lived these amazing lives. I once had a patient who was a community lawyer until she was 60 and then after retiring she studied art history and now she is the president of an art preservation society. She travels to many exotic countries and on art tours. If my life is half as fulfilling as hers I will consider it well lived.

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  1. Maybe it isn't the quantity or the amount of experiences one has to consider life fulfilling, but the quality of each experience.