pécs 2012

Last month I went to Pécs, Hungary, to see my best friends graduate university. It was so nice to see all my friends and visit all the my favorite places in the city. The entire trip was perfect, although the weather was scorching hot! It included everything, good food and good company. We partied till the sun came up.....

 Waiting and waiting for my train to arrive

 Random night at the wine feast

 Hanging out with the hottest guy in Pécs- Zsolti our hairdresser 

So proud of both of them!

Taking a break with the beautiful Joat ,during the longest graduation ceremony known to man kind- in three languages!

Dr. Skogen entertaining the crowds at the dinner party in Villany

These two love the camera and the camera loves them back

Sweating bullets on the way to Villany

 Partying till sunrise

Amazing dessert 

 Farewell to all the friends and our city

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